Tuesday, May 02, 2017

Reflecting on MayDay

About ten paragraphs into the Washington Post summary story on International Workers Day marches around the country, the reporters mention that the protests were "overwhelmingly peaceful." Wouldn't want to give too much attention to the serious, yet happy outpouring of people who do so much of what makes this a good country to live in, would we?

Certainly the thousands walking down San Francisco's Market Street in bright sun were mostly a happy bunch.

The day's theme was unity -- unity between unions and community organizations, unity among people of different races and ethnicities, unity between workers regardless of immigration status.

“Today is a labor day and an immigration day,” said Yemeni expatriate Ahmed Abosayd, a vice president of the Service Employees International Union local chapter.

Abosayd, whose son, Mustafa, was detained at San Francisco International Airport in the opening hours of the first version of Trump’s travel ban in February, urged the crowd to “give a message to Donald Trump: No ban, no wall.”

SF Chronicle

Labor's great solidarity axiom -- "an injury to one is an injury to all" -- has, of necessity, been extended far more broadly, even globally, in the contemporary labor environment. Events like this enact that spreading realization.

No, Mr. Trump and Mr. Bannon, not all of us are willing to be divided into grasping, warring tribes. We have begun to explore our wider humanity. That is the way forward.


Rain Trueax said...

And once again anarchists took over Portland's peaceful rally. I am wondering why any city allows people to wear masks. The anarchists, contrary to peaceful protestors, always wear the outlaw type mask to hide their faces. 25 were arrested. They never mean well and this time it involved breaking windows and setting fires. I recognized the building they were attacking and it's one of the nicer Portland malls, right downtown. This is purely about intimidation. Portland needs to get its act together because it's unfair to the peaceful demonstrators, which this time involved families with children.

Michael Strickland said...

Since I'm a working class hero in Silicon Valley these days, I can't document these events which makes me sad, but am delighted you are doing so. Thanks.

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